Beach Weddings: Why they are very Popular by Themes & Motifs Online - The Wedding Ideas & Promos Portal

Posted on December 26, 2014 at 06:33 AM

What is it about the beach that people like so much? Is it the nice warmth of the sun, the cool ocean breeze, or the funny feeling of having sand in between your toes? Is it the turquoise clear waters, the abundance of marine treasures underneath the sea, or the relaxing atmosphere? Some people may answer one or two of these reasons, others would say that all of these make the beach the perfect getaway.

Over the recent years, the beach has become more than a vacation spot. It has also become the top choice for wedding venue. As you probably notice, more and more couples decide to tie the knot in this wonderful place. If the above reasons are not enough for you, here are more other reasons why beach weddings are always a hit.
The beach provides a wonderful atmosphere for the wedding.

Anybody who has experienced going to the beach can attest to the relaxing and soothing ambience of this place. If you are going to hold your wedding here, you would not have a hard time decorating the place because the velvety sky and the majestic coastline already make a spectacular backdrop for this wondrous occasion. People also feel comfortable when they are at the beach so the occasion need not be stiff and uptight like most traditional weddings are.
Beach weddings are inexpensive.

Beach weddings are not that expensive, contrary to what most people think. For one, you do not have to spend on elaborate decorations because the place is already stunning enough. Moreover, you can use treasures along the beach that you can get for free such as seashells, corals, pebbles, and starfish as decorative embellishments. You don’t need to serve costly and complicated dishes either. Grilled favorites, cocktail drinks, and fresh fruits make for a sumptuous food feast that everyone would surely love.
This theme adds a unique touch to your wedding.

Not everyone gets married at the beach. Even if it has been done by a number of people already, the fact that you are going to have a beach wedding is still something different and exciting. You can also add in a couple of effects and interesting embellishments to create a unique ambience for your wedding. One example would be to have the couple’s names sculpted on sand or have a set of paper bag lanterns outlined to form the couple’s names.
Beach weddings are light and casual.

One thing that many people don’t like about weddings is the stiff atmosphere. This should not be a problem with a beach wedding. You can be sure that most of your guests would definitely have a grand time on your wedding celebration.

Beach weddings are popular for a wide variety of reasons. Whatever your reason might be for choosing this kind of theme, it is a must that you spend enough time planning and preparing for this big day so that it would turn out just the way you want it.

Photo courtesy of Smart Shot Studio from Henry & Betchay's wedding.