Our Prenup Mesty and Viktor

by Vik & Mes

Posted on July 23, 2018 at 12:39 PM

During the shoot, we were so excited. We opt to project an elegant and sophisticated concept for our pre-nuptial shoot, hence we preferred only two famous places, Zambawood and Subic Yacht Club.  Zambawood Beach Resort is known from its majestic forest place and enchanting view of the different trees blending with the grass, fallen twigs, leaves and tree barks. The best view where we could portrait the simplicity of our genuine love. Subic Yacht Club which is known for its elegance has the best view of the marina bay from sunrise to sunset. It is the exact place to show up how ravishingly compatible we are from a different point of views.

Photo Styling: Indie Hippie Prenup Styling
Photographers: OneCarlo Photography


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