Passion VS Business

by Francy Events Management - Weddings Specialists

Posted on August 02, 2018 at 04:49 PM

{Passion VS Business}

We France and Waycie had been in the business for quite sometime now, we are struck by the magic of “Capturing the beauty of Life” through by giving our clients ones moment to remember for. 

We really didn’t set out to be a Professional Events and Wedding Planners/Coordinator, but we found fate pushing us through this direction, we immersed ourselves studying everything we could find out about wedding and event tactics, we learned quickly and our clients loved the results and outcomes.

We love Events and Wedding planning in all senses, but our Passion is People, and more specifically, giving one persons best smile, best expression and their best overall moments. We don’t really have a specific style, we just make our events at its best every time. 

We believe in the quality and mix of styles of our work will set us apart from the rest. We offer our clients our personal service. Our passion and excitement have always worked for us, passion is contagious,  our clients feel the buzz, and that buzz helps set us apart from the rest.

-This is not a business to us anymore, this is already our lifes work.. -

Let your work speak for what you do... 

We do more on what they say of being the best, Title is just a title, but what we create is for a lifetime that will be remembered and cannot be replaced.. 

“People is our passion and their memories are meant to last forever..”

-Francy Events- Events and Weddings Specialists-


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