Be Sexy, Healthy and Young Before Your Wedding Day

by Linea Organica Corporation

Posted on August 28, 2018 at 08:59 AM

Is your bridal fitness plan already set for your big day? If not, consider it done because we can help you get fit perfectly on your wedding gown. We are not talking about liposuction or any procedures that are invasive. LineaOrganica’s BE S.H.Y. (Be Sexy, Healthy and Young) campaign is an exclusive campaign for the Wedding Expo Philippines 2018 that aims to help soon-to-be brides and grooms to get fit naturally before their big day.

Soon-to-be brides, grooms or even the parents can undergo LineaOrganica’s natural body treatments such as Hydra Detox, Hydra Energy, Hydra Slim, Osmo Sculpt and Hydra Body Gomming.


Get to know more about our body treatments:

Hydra Detox
This treatment uses hydra sublime powder 1 which contains caffeine to detoxify and stimulate cells while doing a technique that works directly with water retention reduction. Immediate results can be seen after each session. (For Arms, Legs & Tummy + Back)
Hydra Energy
This treatment works the same way as hydra detox that targets water retention but is ideal for those who have problems in blood vessels. (For Tummy + Back & Legs)

Hydra Slim
This treatment may only be done if water retention has already been drained. Localized fats are being targeted through the use of Hydra Active Mud. (For Arms, Legs & Tummy + Back)

 Osmo Sculpt
This non-invasive treatment targets the nodules or fibrotic collagen. This is the final step in defining the result of the previous anti-cellulite treatments. (For Arms, Legs & Tummy + Back)

Gomming Treatment
This treatment is focused on making the target area, such as breast, butt, arms and legs more plump with the use of special gomming technique. (For Arms, Breast, Butt, Inner Thigh & Tummy)

Gomming Premium Treatment
This is gomming treatment combined with tone up treatment that makes the desired area more firmed and toned. (For Arms, Breast, Butt, Inner Thigh & Tummy)

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