Boxed PH Customizes Gift Boxes

by Boxed PH

Posted on May 24, 2019 at 11:11 PM

We are Boxed PH not only because of our passion in "boxing" elegant invites but because we really love to customize boxes.

As most of our followers already know, we conceptualized our brand "Boxed PH" based on our initial offer of customized souvenir boxes, most of them laser cut.

However, when our soon-to-wed clients asked us to partner their souvenir boxes with a similar invitation style, that's when our invitation line started.

Despite the increasing demand in creating wedding invites, our love in producing lovely boxes remains.

Prices for these boxes depend on the size and specs.

Send us a message if you would love to know more!

Check our Facebook and Instagram pages to see our previous projects.

Invitations: Boxed PH


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