Rey and Jas

by TWIPP Admin

Posted on May 08, 2016 at 04:21 PM

It's A Steampunk Story

for Rey and Jas

It was a classic coordination on another lever for quirky duo, REY THEODORE SUAREZ and JASMIN ESPINO, who took on a distinct theme for their engagement shots. Steampunk is a fantasy world that brings together the 19th century and steam-powered equipment. While we can't do the genre justice with just a single paragraph, the photos taken at Fernwood Gardens were able to give insight into the unique concept that Rey and Jas employed as seen through their choice of venue and their meticulously styled ensembles for the shoot. There was an overall vintage look that gave both charm and edge to the slideshow they shared with their loved ones on their December 8, 2015 wedding.



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