Ernan and Jessa

by TWIPP Admin

Posted on December 05, 2016 at 01:45 PM

Ernan and Jessa's

Slice of Europe

"Have a beauty rest before your engagement photo shoot. You need to be well-rested so that you'll look extra beautiful in the pictures."

While a long-distance relationship may be perceived by some as a problematic thing, Ernan Leotangco and Jessa Maranan were able to use the experience as an inspiration for their shoot concept. With Ernan working in a cruise ship, the two had no shortage in going on virtual dates across Europe, so it seemed fitting to channel that adventurous spirit in choosing their setting. There was definitely a touch of wanderlust to their photos, and we're sure that their embarkation into marriage is just the first of many great journeys they'll soon be having.

Photographers: Nice Print Photography


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