Anjoy and Joie

by TWIPP Admin

Posted on December 05, 2016 at 02:22 PM

Anjoy and Joie's

Fun and Quirky Side

"Enjoy every single moment of the preps. This may be new to you. So many things to prepare, so many details. But hey, this is the start of a great new journey for you lovebirds!"

"A perfect combination of professionalism, creativity, talent and great support," that's how Anjoy Galope and Joie Villavicencio describes their prenup shoot team. Though it was a challenge to put the whole thing together - and finding the right set of people as well - the couple felt so lucky for having successfully gone through it gracefully. It may be tiring and stressful, with all of the unexpected things that happened - specially the sudden changes in weather - but at the end of the day, by looking at the photos, the couple feels everything is well worth it!


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