Zoti and Tin

by TWIPP Admin

Posted on December 05, 2016 at 02:54 PM

Zoti and Tin's

Version of Greece

"Don't stress yourselves on minor troubles. Do not argue on small details, instead enjoy ever single moment because you will surely miss all the hard work after your wedding."

Wise, strong, beautiful. Like a god and a goddess from Mount Olympus, Zotico Ramos Jr. and Cristina Santos projected glamour and might for their engagement shoot in Nasugbu's Fortune Island. In both casual and formal outfits, the loving pair was constantly hand-in-hand as they frolicked on the beach and wowed with their poses at the ruins. You wouldn't have suspected that they were initially anxious about the weather conditions, but we guess the heavens opened up to let them live their Grecian fantasy. The climax? This couple went cliff-diving in a suit and gown, and it was breath-taking!


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