Paulo and Maddie

by TWIPP Admin

Posted on April 17, 2017 at 03:11 PM

Paulo and Maddie

Simply At Home

"The Doctors are in." For Angel Paulo Amante and Madelaine Amurao's engagement shoot, that phrase blissfully meant being warm and cozy inside the groom-to-be's home. It may seem like a basic lazy weekend to anybody else, but the busy duo deeply cherish the time they get to spend together relaxing in each other's company or in the company of friends. Such was the case, when they were even able to ask a friend from med school to go behind the lens to capture their most chill moments.

It only goes to show that the perfect date doesn't always have to be fancy or far away. The concept of being home can be romantic and thrilling when you're in the arms of the one you love. What sweet medicine, indeed!


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