Diber and Karla

by TWIPP Admin

Posted on April 17, 2017 at 05:15 PM

Diber and Karla's

Love Trip in Bagan

When Diberjohn Balinas and Karla Mae Tumaru set about looking for a picturesque view as the backdrop for their engagement shoot, the simple yet historically steeped ancient city of Bagan, Myanmar from the couple's travel bucket list became an opportunity to do three amazing things at once: Explore the exotic destination also known as "The Land of Ten Thousand Pagodas", take beautiful photos, and share the special locale to their loved ones via the finished output. And so the pair jet off to the archaeological site and made use of what was already there before them to produce awesome pictures. To stand out against the majestic background, the couple donned formal outfits and moved and posed confidently for that perfect touch of elegance in all their shots.


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