Jomar and Wim

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Posted on June 04, 2018 at 08:38 AM

Jomar and Wim's Storybook Moment

"Research theme based on your interests and if possible, discuss it with your suppliers as they may be able to help you to envision how your prenup photoshoot will look like."

John Martin Arreola and Anahwim Bueno view their eleven-year relationship as a blissfully blessed one. Their own happiness served as the inspiration for their fairy tale-themed engagement shoot complete with Cinderella-esque ballroom and a setting that looks straight out of an enchanted castle. Says the pair, "We see love as a magical, romantic and perfect, and we believe that everyone has their own happily ever after." Theirs is a love straight out of a storybook that you'll want to read over and over.  

Photographers: Nice Print Photography


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