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by Inspirations For Weddings Magazine

Posted on October 01, 2018 at 10:07 AM

PURPLE REVEAL – A combination of flower paste, fondant, and gum paste produce the look of flowing fabric. The crowning glory of the confection is a velvet purple anemone flower. (Cake by SUGAR CREST CAKE DESIGN STUDIO)

Top CAKE ARTISTS’ take on the season’s TASTIEST TRENDS


The Trend: TEXTURED STROKES. Instead of going the usual route with a paintbrush to color the fl owers, a craftily employed palette knife can produce a more textured effect.

COLOR ME HAPPY – Buttercream frosting is given a serious visual boost with colorful brush strokes. Delicate sugar flowers and sugar-made berries turn "cute" into "refined". (Cake by VISTA BARISTA COFFEE & BAKESHOP)

The Trend: COLORFUL PAINTED CAKE. A symphony of hues provides not just one but several playful pops of colors in this wedding centerpiece.

MARBLE MARVEL – Gray, textured marble served as the inspiration for this modern wedding cake. A single white anemone sugar flower tempers the masculine look of the cake. (Cake by VISTA BARISTA COFFEE & BAKESHOP)

The Trend: WORK OF ART. Aside from displaying different textures, the smoky colors and gold accents produce an abstract masterpiece.

CUTE CUBES – This pull-apart cake is a visual feast that combines together shapes (cubes, round macaroons), colors, and accents (sugar flowers, metallic balls, gold cubes). The romantic, bridal feel is maintained with the soft colors and pretty flowers. (Cake by ANGELYN’S CAKES)

The Trend: PULL APART CAKE. The segmented/pull-apart wedding cake is a refreshing take on the traditional wedding cake. Each segment can be a di erent fl avor, and the pre-divided pieces can be served to guests as the groom's cake.

PAPER THIN – Paper serves as the muse in this detailed piece. Edible paper, wafer paper, or thinly-rolled flower paste can be cut and molded to produce the intricate decor. (Cake by SUGAR CREST CAKE DESIGN STUDIO)

The Trend: PAPERLIKE DETAILS. Stunning details give an artistic look to a monochromatic cake. The many layers, the alternating textures, and the varying shapes give the eyes something incredible to digest.

LOVE BUG – The wedding cake, dressed in all-white royal icing with a simple pattern, is accented with sugar butterflies. The upwards diagonal placement of the butterflies give an overall even look, despite their asymmetrical arrangement. (Cake by ANGELYN’S CAKES)

The Trend: HEARTS AFLUTTER. Even the simplest fl oating accents produce a magical e ect. The carefully positioned butterfl ies depict not just beauty, but also motion and life.

All Photos Shot by MAUI HIDALGO


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