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Posted on October 01, 2018 at 03:15 PM

QUALITY TIME: What better way for honeymooners to spend time than in a secluded island with only the simplest pleasures of life.



When international tourists are flocking to the PHILIPPINES, it’s time to take a cue by LIVIN’ LA VIDA LOCAL!

THERE ARE MANY REASONS TO KEEP YOUR HONEYMOON CLOSE BY. If you’re working with a tight budget or schedule, you’ll be able to find affordable options for “mini-moons” without having to deal with international prices and exchange rates. Second, you’ve got homecourt advantage being a local yourself, so
you have better access to information and recommendations from the people you know. You might also get more significant discounts from the many travel fairs that go on yearround. So if you like what you’ve just read, come and explore the places you’ll go...

MANGO? LET’S GO! We hear time and time again that some of the sweetest Philippine mangoes are sourced from Guimaras, so that’s already one good
reason to make the trip to this island which is just a ferry ride away from Iloilo.

Schedule your visit in May to catch the vibrant (and delicious!) Manggahan Festival. They’ve got Mango Eat-All-You-Can contests, live bands, various exhibitions, and fun runs. It’s a 12-day affair, so you can pick out the events you want to attend from the full schedule.

Apart from the festival and all the mangothemed merch, you can hit up the San Lorenzo Wind Farm for those dramatic photo ops with gigantic windmills in the background. Those who appreciate the historical beauty of ruins can marvel at the view from the Guisi Lighthouse.

DIVE RIGHT IN - For those who want to take it a step further from lounging on the beach and doing the usual water sports, we recommend you start training to dive for the sunken ships of Coron in Palawan. There are several wreckages from the World War II era, Japanese vessels that were felled in the hands of the US Navy. You can polish up on your Philippine history knowledge and explore the eerie yet fascinating attractions.


The TRIP Tip:
Working with a budget to plan the honeymoon can be restrictive, but you can be clever to get the most bang for your buck. Here are three tipid travel tips to live by:

CONVERT TO MILES - Aside from credit cards that  automatically earn airline miles as their primary reward, some credit card companies also allow you to convert membership points to miles. Take advantage of that arrangement to score some free

FOR SMALLER ESTABLISHMENTS, A REFERRAL DISCOUNT MIGHT WORK - Got a friend or family member who recently visited a place you are planning to jet off to? Some light name-dropping might get you to pay for less, especially if you mention that the place comes highly recommended.

KEEP TABS ON REBATES AND DISCOUNTS - Booking sites tend to have partner credit cards that offer an additional discount to encourage you to swipe more. There are also rebate sites that partner with booking sites. Now imagine using
a rebate credit card to pay for a booking you made with a rebate site. Sounds like savings! Also, promo codes. You just gotta do your homework to find which deal
gives you the best rate or if you can combine deals.


Of course, for the days when you prefer to rest up, there are no shortage of mellower tourist attractions in this pristine island destination. Malcapuya Island tops the must-see list for its white sand beach and clear water. That postcard-perfect cove you always see in travel mags repping Palawan? That’s Coron Bay, and the pictures don’t lie. It may be a long walk up to get the famed photo op, but you’ll be glad you made the effort

SEEING GREEN - The “eighth wonder of the world” got a lot of attention back when you were in school trying to remember the attractions of each region. But there’s something about seeing the Banaue Rice Terraces in person that beats any account of it you may have from a textbook. The unique shape and sweeping view look almost unreal, but believe your eyes as many a prenup photo shoot have taken place there.

You can also check out Batad Rice Terraces and nearby Tappiyah Falls for a similar close-to-nature experience. To cover more ground on the road trip, you can opt to join a tour to add Sagada and Baguio to the itinerary.

A HOT DESTINATION - “Rising from the ashes” doesn’t just refer to phoenixes these days. A trip to Mt. Pinatubo in Zambales will teach you a thing or two about how a place can flourish even after an unfortunate event. Go trekking to see nature and a gorgeous crater lake up close. Plus, you can enjoy a spa day afterwards that includes the use of volcanic earth in the treatments.

If roughing it gives you an adrenaline rush, set up camp in Anawangin Cove. You’ll be near the beach while getting to experience the unplugged kind of life. Aerial shot of Guimaras Island


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The crater of Mount Pinatubo

Aerial shot of Guimaras Island


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