Ride in STYLE: Ride of your Life

by Inspirations For Weddings & Debuts Magazine

Posted on October 10, 2018 at 05:18 PM

Ready for the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE? Take some cues from these inspirations!


BEAUTIFUL INSIDE OUT : Let’s talk interiors. Will you agree with us if we say that the interior is just as important as the car’s exterior? Do not forget, this vehicle will take you and your beloved to where you need to be, so comfort is of utmost importance. The plush interior is just a big plus! For photos that is!

THEME PLAYER : Destination wedding? In an exotic location perhaps? Then a local vehicle will be the perfect ride! Play it by your theme and you’re sure to get maximum impact not just on photos but also on your big day!

BACK VIEW : Now what about that foliage décor at the back of the classic white car? Neat, pretty, and lovely! What’s not to love about it?

COOPED UP IN A COOPER : Here’s another oldie but goodie, the Mini Cooper! It may be small, but it sure is nimble! (Photo from GIAN & TUSH by HONEYCOMB PHOTOCINEMA)

FAST CAR : This guy means business! Who doesn’t want to ride a Ferarri? Tick off two goals in one day—marry the girl of your dreams and ride your dream car! (Car from APERFECTDAYWEDCAR LUXURY BRIDAL CARS MANILA)

IF THERE’S A WHEEL, THERE’S A WAY : If you’re try’na be cute, then start wheelin’ it! Seriously, if the ceremony is right at the same location as the reception, then a Vespa is a very Parisienne alternative. Super size the floral decors and watch it transform from an everyday European ride to your once-in-a-lifetime big day accessory! Trust us, it’s worth a ride!

LET’S GET LOUD : So you’re the traditional type eh? Even when times (and trends) are constantly changing, there are just some classic touches that are hot then and cute now! If the ‘Just Married’ sign isn’t enough to announce to the world that you finally married your sweetheart, then don’t be afraid to break the silence and bring out the cans!

FACE VALUE : Of course if you can decorate the back of the car, the front is also a no-brainer. Specially if you’re driving it and photos are a must, then having decorations up front will up the ante! Not too shabby, just a garland by the windshield neatly tied to the trunk and you’re good to go! And yesm we prefer this over the bouquet at the nose of the car. This way it’s cute and more practical!

LET YOUR HAIR DOWN : A top down as a bridal car? We can’t wait to see the photos! But for the mean time, if you’re the easy going couple, who wants fun but still want to arrive in style then this is the ride for you. Though white is a popular option for a wedding car, there’s no rule that says you can’t choose. We suggest red, it’s stylish and the color of love!

GROOVY GROUPIE : A bridal retro van for the whole entourage? Or the whole family? Why not? It’s a hippie’s dream come true! How fun will it be if the whole gang gets in! It can also serve as a photo booth area. Share the groove with your guests!

THE CLASSIC CHOICE : We finally asked an expert, Mr. Berlee Yu, CEO / Founder of APerfectDayWedCar Luxury Bridal Cars Manila, “What’s the best bridal car for you?” The answer: " The Rolls Royce Ghost because of its effortless elegance, a master of simplicity perfect for your very special day!”


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