Forget Me Not

by Inspirations For Weddings Magazine

Posted on April 20, 2018 at 12:52 PM

Deal with these often-neglected details for a SMOOTH SAILING wedding ahead.

THE DETAILS MAKE UP THE GLORIOUS WHOLE. so you know just how important it is to think of the little things that can make of break your great moment. But rather than trying to wrack your brains in search of the specific ways you could go wrong, we did the thinking for you! For our eleventh issue, we focus on eleven common forgettables that you should probably commit to memory.

CHECK FOR THE SEASONALITY OF YOUR FLOWERS. Fresh blooms can rack up a hefty price tag, especially the imported ones. So before selecting the flowers that’ll make up your bouquet and venue decor, it pays to drop by popular floral supply depots like Dangwa or Farmers Market to get a sense of the cost of certain types of flowers. Bring along a picture of your bouquet peg to see which components could be replaced with more affordable options. Take photos for inspiration. You’ll be able to negotiate with your florist better once you have an idea of the floral arrangements’ market value.

DO A LIGHTING RUN TO TEST FOR COLOR COMPATIBILITY. Lighting is often underestimated at events. Seeing as advancements in technology have allowed for a rainbow of colors to be available easily courtesy of LED lights, you must pay a little more attention to the way your lighting supplier will illuminate your party. While blue and purple LEDs give off a futuristic, mysterious look, those same color washes are also a nightmare to photograph and edit. So if you are planning on using those same colors the entire time, don’t expect to get high quality Instagram posts from your loved ones. Perhaps use them for the dim-the-lights portion of your entrance, but stick to a well-lit room for the rest of the festivities. Also, take sample shots, if you can.


SWITCH HANDS WITH YOUR ENGAGEMENT RING. This isn’t a strict etiquette rule, but you might want to move your engagement ring to the right hand before the ceremony. The act lets the wedding band take center stage as you swap vows, and you can put your engagement ring over the wedding band right after. In case you’re wondering, the typical order would be to have the wedding band first, followed by the engagement ring and the anniversary band, if any.

ASK ABOUT DECORATION LIMITATIONS. Part of the fun in ‘shopping’ for venues is the visualization of how you can deck out the blank space to reflect your creative tastes. But while you’re too busy daydreaming about the draperies, you might not be aware of the design restrictions your venues have. Some places will only allow for standing decor and not hanging ones, so say goodbye to those lush fabrics and bead curtains. At the same time, some ceremony venues might be strict about preserving their core look. Flowers are okay, but can you put in lights?

DISCUSS DRINKS WITH THE CATERER. Especially in a hotel, where the catering supplies are all available on-site, you’ll want to have a talk about how extra orders are handled. This is not such a big issue for offsite catering as they will pretty much only bring what you specifically ordered. But if you are hosting at a hotel and guests start ordering cocktails, coffee, or other drink and food offerings that are not in your reception menu, you’ll have to make it crystal clear who gets billed at the end of the night. Catering packages usually include a round of drinks, but it can’t hurt to be careful of these potential extra charges to your account.

RESEARCH AND BOOK ROOMS FOR YOUR DESTINATION WEDDING. You will inevitably get the call or message from family and friends asking if you have any recommendations on where they can camp out for your getaway wedding, so it’s better to beat them to the punch by doing your canvassing and research as soon as you decide you want to get hitched in an exotic location. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to ask the accommodations for bridal party discounts.

LOOK INTO OTHER EVENTS HAPPENING ON YOUR BIG DAY.  Is there going to be a convention nearby? Will there be a fiesta taking place on your proposed route? Is it payday? Is there a major mall sale that people are expected to flock to? Keeping tabs on these events will help you assess and anticipate the traffic conditions, so you can: a.) Leave your home or hotel earlier; b.) Look for alternate routes without going in circles on a Waze app; c.) Alert your suppliers to also look for faster ways to get to the venue; d.) Give traffic advisory to your family and guests, if needed; and e.) Anticipate how much time you’ll have to spend sitting in traffic and not freak out about it.

TAKE THE TIME TO RELAX AND LET GO. The closer you are to the wedding date, the more stressful it can be. There is a point where you need to stop and take a breather. You or your bridesmaids can host a small party, separate from the bachelorette bash. This is more of a low-key bridal shower where the mood is more for relaxation than revelry.



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