Vehicle that Glides with your Personalities

by Inspirations For Weddings Magazine

Posted on March 22, 2018 at 02:17 PM


HOP ON IN, because a sleek bridal car is part of your big day look! While you might be busy obsessing over outfits and accessories, the bridal car is actually the first sign of your presence as you pull up to the ceremony venue and as you arrive at the reception location. So why not select a ride that suits you as a couple? Here are six popular bridal car styles you can choose from to be the yin to your personalities’ yang:

LOVE US SOME LIMOS : Enjoying the height of their popularity in the 80s, the limousine—or the stretch limo, to be precise—is still a statement-maker nearly four decades later because nothing showcases luxury like an extreme amount of legroom. To this day, the image of the limo is still closely associated with red carpet

entrances and partying it up in Vegas. GET THIS IF… You have a classic sense of luxury and your motto goes something along the lines of “more is more”. You appreciate the glitz and glamour of making an entrance, Hollywood-style, and there’s not better time than your big day to show it.

MAKE WAY FOR THE COMPACT CUTIES : Compact and subcompact vehicles usually elicit an “Awww!” from passersby because there’s something so adorable (and adorkable!) about having a tiny car. We’re talking about the likes of the VW Beetle and the Mini Cooper and how they look so nice and cozy, especially when you and your significant other step out from the snug space. GET THIS IF… You are known as the quirky couple in your group! Your humorous and fun-loving ways are a perfect match for the petite size and endearing personality that a compact car brings to the party.


Sleek and ambitious, getting a convertible shows off a rebellious streak for the pair who prefers to do things a little more differently. Even in 2018, convertibles are still a rarity in the country, so all eyes will be on you when you have that top down! Of course, this mode of transportation is best for the dry season (preferably February to April) when you get to avoid the rain as well as the full heat of the summer sun. GET THIS IF… You are the outspoken, napologetic duo with the confidence and charisma that make you a bona fide powder couple.

VINTAGE INTERESTS : A well-preserved vintage model is nothing short of show-stopping for carrying with it some hardcore history. Vehicles that are from the 70s and earlier give off major nostalgic vibe and are also a little bit hipster, if that’s the look you’re going for. With this sort of ride, you’ve got the roaring 20s, the swinging 60s, or the groovy 70s theme covered! GET THIS IF… You are genuinely curious about a bygone era and you have an appreciation for history and antiques.

PROJECTING SPORTY AND SWEET : Is this something out of The Fast and the Furious? No, but it is from The Blissful and the Romantic! Hardcore car enthusiasts will particularly appreciate the use of a sports car as the carriage of choice for the wedding. You’all also get to experience driving in a souped up vehicle and that’s not something you’d get to experience every day. GET THIS IF… You are well-versed in the language of modern luxury. Yup, trendy couple alert!

CLASSIC WHITE SEDAN : Now this never goes out of style! The traditional white car is still the most popular choice for most  marrying couples. It is stately, of formidable size and regal appearance that speaks of a quiet, secure confidence. For premium options, think of a Mercedes Benz or a BMW. GET THIS IF… You are firm believers that a classic choice will look great forever. You will never go wrong with this simple yet absolutely elegant choice.



Look no further: These bridal car rental companies have selections that will suit your ride-in-style needs!

ELEGANCE BRIDAL CAR: The traditional bridal car is the forte of Elegance Bridal Car. The company offers pristine white cars ranging from the affordable Honda Civic RS 2017 to a Mercedes Benz. In between are the Hyundai Sonata 2 and the Chrysler 300 C.

A PERFECT DAY WED CAR: For bold choices, A Perfect Day has a wealth of options to offer. Sporty couples can go for the Ford Mustang or a Chevrolet Camaro, while the fun-loving set will adore the Mini Clubman. We’ve also spied a Hummer, a pickup truck, and some convertibles in the mix!


A Rolls Royce will always be a classic and a classy choice, from A PERFECT DAY WED CAR

The Bride and the Benz, perfect combination, from ELEGANCE BRIDAL CAR


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