Artsy Way to say, “Have a seat!”

by Inspirations For Weddings Magazine

Posted on March 22, 2018 at 02:48 PM


LET’S BE HONEST: Ushering guests to the reception venue can be quite time-consuming and tedious for your wedding helpers. Traditionally, they have a printed list of RSVPs that they have to consult to share each well-wisher’s corresponding table numbers. But where’s the fun in that? In the time of DIYs, a more clever way to  et your guests going would be to present them with escort cards that they can seek out for themselves after hitting up the registration tables. And this ain’t your usual place cards! We’ve got a number of ways to spice up the seating arrangement search.

THAT’S WHAT’S UP Chill and chat! The couples of today are more inclined to take a casual approach with their nuptials to create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere during their romantic celebration. A lot of engaged pairs opt to create a setting that encourages guests to mingle, so the goal is to create instances for interaction with planned activities. And instead of offering up strictly fixed seating arrangements, the trend is to replace place cards with escort cards that alert guests of their table numbers without being too specific about the exact place on the table the guest should occupy.

A JOY TO BEHOLD - Presentation is everything. As we mentioned earlier, the main idea is to give off a warm, inviting vibe. For the minimalists, a clean layout coupled with calligraphy spells modern elegance. Those who adore elaborate details will appreciate illustrations, cutouts, and even various textures. A splash of color is always welcome, too!


DO THEM A FAVOR If you’re all about that efficient experience that will reduce the manpower required for the big day, why not present the escort cards with the wedding favors to make it a twofer? The giveaways can be displayed nicely at the registration table, and you’ll be sure that each guest gets to take home one.

NAMES AND NOM NOM NOMS Between the ceremony and the reception, there’s usually a cocktail hour to give the newlyweds time to take photos and freshen up. Incorporate the snack factor into your escort cards by clever presentation. The necessary info on a small piece of card can be attached to a toothpick and served with finger foods or sweets. Guests will have to look for their names to claim their treats. As for the cocktail portion, the escort cards can be attached to the glasses, but remember to use materials that aren’t so sensitive to a cool drink’s condensation.

FINISH EACH OTHER’S... Since weddings are about finding the perfect match, it makes sense that this concept applies to other aspects of the big day, escort cards included. Print out the first half of a popular saying or some catchy song lyrics on the escort cards and let guests try their hand at guessing what comes next. The second half will be framed and on the table. To clue in the clueless, post a small cheat sheet with the completed phrases and a list of the names of guests who are meant to be seated in each table.


CARD TIPDS: Add some pizzazz to your escort cards with these memorable aesthetic elements:

GLITTER - We could all use a little extra sparkle! Tightly packed glitter adds instant texture. You can even make it subtle by going for a single side border, or you could go for something more elaborate with a border that goes all the way around.

WATERCOLOR - Your guests will be tempted to take home the lovely works of art before them. Painted illustrations are a way to channel that custom-made feel, and you can upload the original image to your computer to process it and be able to print it out numerous times.

ORIGAMI FOLDS - Take a cue from the Japanese to showcase neat lines and a 3D design. At the same time, the look is still minimalist and refined.

SLEEVES - Wrapped up pretty and neat, the sleeve adds a little more heft to the escort cards and provides a little peek-a-boo factor.




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