Countryside Chill

by Inspirations For Weddings Magazine

Posted on June 07, 2017 at 02:19 PM

SO MANY THINGS ROLLED into one, HOTEL KIMBERLY TAGAYTAY is a venue that has a lot to offer. With just a few hours drive from the city, there’s the sight of the grassy grounds, a bonfire site, and… farm animals? Yup! So that takes care of the garden or farm wedding theme, as well as the romantic strolls you and your beloved will be taking the morning after your wedding. Their cozy event space provides a venue for merrymaking and its floor-to-ceiling windows add to the heartwarming experience as they give you and your guests a good view of the sunset. As the party winds down, prepare for an intimate evening with your darling in a tender countryside nuptial holiday.


  • PRENUP STOP. Since it is mainly a hotel, you do not just get to utilize the outdoor areas in the property for your pictorial, but you also enjoy the convenience of having your own room. As such, you skip the the hassle of bringing everything out during your shoot. Did we mention the mini farm? Play with these furry friends and include them in your sets as well.

  • The POOLSIDE is a beautiful location you might also like to consider for your wedding reception.


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