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Posted on September 29, 2018 at 07:00 AM

Photo courtesy of Inspirations for Weddings Magazine. Available WORLDWIDE for free.

Wedding Professionals / Suppliers:

Update Your Company Info & Upload Your Photos, Promos, & Blogs

Create or log in to your free T&M Online (The Wedding Ideas & Promos Portal TWIPP) account through SIGN IN / UP.   Your T&M Online (TWIPP) account is your free alternative website which you can use to connect with thousands of soon-to-weds accessing the Themes & Motifs website either to look for wedding ideas and inspirations and / or registering for Themes & Motifs events.

You can update your company information, post / upload your Photos, Promos, Ideas, anytimew as follows:

1. Update Your Company Details – You can upload your logo, phone/fax /mobile numbers, email, website, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter accounts, and update them anytime, anywhere. This will automatically be made available in:

  • The TWIPP Directory of Philippine Wedding Professionals – your company will be viewable and searchable by the general public especially Themes & Motifs soon to weds (those who have registered for Themes & Motifs events). An email contact form is provided so Themes & Motifs soon-to-weds can contact you directly. 
  • Your TWIPP Webpage ( -- as your alternative company website, your updates will ensure that Themes & Motifs soon-to-weds have the latest information about your company. An email contact form is provided so Themes & Motifs soon-to-weds (TWIPPers) can contact you directly.
  • The Themes & Motifs Database of Philippine Wedding Professionals (TWIPPros) -- includes your company in Themes & Motifs’ proprietary Exhibitor Management System (especially for T&M events participants) and in the database for its newsletters, invitations to special occasions, announcements of T&M events , etc.

WHAT IS YOUR EXPERTISE? Don't forget to include your Company Profile right under your logo in your TWIPP account to let soon-to-weds know you better. 

Pls. do not include websites, Facebook accounts, other social media accounts, or emails. A "Contact Me" form on your TWIPP page is available for soon-to-weds to contact you.

This is absolutely FREE!

2. Latest Promos -- Your promos, discounts, exclusive offers, giveaways, special events can be posted here. They will automatically show simultaneously in your account and the Themes & Motifs homepage.    As a bonus,  your posts may be considered for exposure to T&M’s social media accounts (i.e Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.),  This will give you more exposure for your post. (Tip: Follow guide lines below to increase your posts' chances of being shared in Themes & Motifs social media accounts). 

3. Ideas Centre -- Your favorite photos of wedding details, new trends, latest products, can be showcased here.  

4. Photo Blog -- Your posts can be organized in albums or in stories using a series of pics and text. These blogs can be seen on the homepage or when viewers visit your Themes & Motifs account. 

5. Note that all your posts are linked back to your Themes & Motifs account as author so make sure your contact information, especially your email, is updated.

6. Note that your TWIPP account or webpage will NOT contain your competitors’ information or advertisements. You can use your TWIPP account as your alternative company website without fear of having other companies’ promos or information appearing on any of your pages. 



1. Use jpeg or gif files only. (Tip: To optimize screen size of your post, you can set photo width to 1250 pixels max.)

2. Include catchy or creative titles and keywords in your posts. Use keywords that will make it easy for soon to weds to find your posts when they do a search using the search box on the website. Use simple words such as gown, balloons, kiss, church, beach, car, etc.

3. When using a photo from an actual wedding, include the names of the bride & groom and the date of the wedding as much as possible, Also, include the other wedding professionals  whose work may be found in the photo posted.

4. Ideas are different from Promos. Distinguish the difference and classify your posts accordingly. Suggested Ideas should highlight why a product, photo, or service is great, noteworthy, cool, or hip. A promo should be able to offer a discount, a special offer, an event, etc. Ideas do not have end dates. Promos do.

5. Make sure that your company information is always updated as potential clients will contact you through these numbers / email.


1. No posting of offensive materials (i.e. pornographic photos, vulgar texts, racist statements, etc.).

2. DO NOT post or upload photos that do not belong to you. have no permission to post, or nothing to do with you at all.

3. No posting of pixelated / blurred photos or images with poor quality.

4. Avoid mentioning Bridal shows and Wedding Fairs that are not officially sanctioned by Themes & Motifs.

5. Avoid embedding text on your photos that make them look messy and cluttered. 

6. Avoid embedding or posting text that point to other websites except your TWIPP account.

For account membership assistance and further inquiries, pls. contact: 

Ms. Gladys Laurel or Ms. Raiza Villar

T&M Media Sales


(632) 225.3076




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