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by TWIPP Admin

Posted on November 22, 2017 at 11:41 AM

Jek & Trina's Proposal With A View

Foreign country? Check.  Accomplices? Check. Proposalplan. Check! Jan Eric Valle had it all figured out, and all that was left was to meet his love, Katrina Santos, for an afternoon stroll.   The Out-of-the country getaway was supposed to be a joint birthday celebration and an opportunity to see friend based in the Lion City.  Well, at least, that was all that Trina thought it would be.  

After church, lunch, and a quick stop back at their respective rented pads, the pair proceeded to Marina Bay Sands’ SkyPark for ‘sightseeing’. Little did Trina know that Jek had already recruited a big group of people to come help him with the proposal. Lurking closeby were Jek’s friends, as well as Trina’s friends, mom, and sister. They were all just waiting for the go-signal.

With the skies threatening rain and his ladylove having no idea what would happen just moments away, Jek was in a state of semi-panic underneath his chill exterior. But he gathered his wits and suggested they wander over to an area with a better view of the cityscape. There, Jek asked a random guy to take their photo, a move actually meant to signal to their hiding loved ones that he would be popping the question in a moment.

(Spoiler alert: The “random” guy was actually a friend from church!) The fiance-to-be then took out his phone and proceeded to use the Dubsmash app. It took him five tries to properly lipsync the song, Locked Away, because of sheer nerves. But once he got it right, it was time to go on bended knee and ask the love of his life to be his forever.

The incredulous Trina had to ask several times if everything that was happening was real. Ultimately, she was surprised and delighted to find out that Jek already secured her parents’ blessing beforehand, and that her mother and sister were even there to celebrate with them. After the big YES and the reveal of his co-conspirators, that’s when the downpour started but not before the engaged couple was able to utter a prayer of thanksgiving.

It was an incredible surprise, and Jek was grateful for two answered parayers:  Trina wholeheartedly accepting his proposa and the weather cooperating for  that perfect engagement memory.   Says the groom-to-be, “You know things are meant to happen when even the rain held it back [long enough] for me to pop the question.”


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