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Posted on May 09, 2018 at 07:59 AM

Dust and Carla's Flowery Surprise

Some blessings just blossom when we need them! In Dust Gaudan and Carla Sacapaño's case, their prayers were answered 2 years earlier than originally planned--and the bride-to-be had no idea what was coming. Initially, the couple discussed that their marriage would take place in 2018. They even made goals as to what specifications of engagement ring to get, come the time to propose. Lucky for Dust, a work opportunity in Singapore came his way that made it possible to achieve that goal early. So he carefully picked out The Ring and started to plan an epic surprise for his ladylove.

Come August, a gleeful Dust organized a trip to Singapore to celebrate Carla's birthday and their 10th monthsary. He told his beloved that her birthday gift from him would be waiting when she got there. It was going to be a surprise-filled celebratory weekend. For the post-birthday bash, he made reservations at Pollen, a swanky garden-themed restaurant smack in the Flower Dome of Gardens by the Bay. Since Carla loves gardens, it was sure to be a hit with her. 

When the two got to the location, a buggy took them on a 10-minute ride to Pollen. It was truly a sight to behold as the experience was like dining in a park, greenhouse, and bistro all rolled into one. The food was divine and the ambience, magical. But even then Carla remained clueless. 

After their meal, they proceeded to have a look at the flower dome, a stunning sight that filled the senses. In a quiet corner, Dust took out a small notebook filled with love notes addressed to his one and only telling her how much she means to him. As she got to the very last page, our groom-to-be got on his knees and revealed his biggest surprises: the engagement ring and a very important question. 


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