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Posted on May 09, 2018 at 09:09 AM

Barry and Jennifer, a Romance From FB to IRL

As the modern day love story goes, Barry Yuro and Jennifer Letran met online a year ago as active members of a financial-based Facebook group. It started with a casual hello chat and eventually progressed to daily talks. On their first Skype video call a month later, the pair finally decided to meet in person. After first laying eyes on each other at the airport, they opted to embark on a long distance relationship that spanned different continents with Barry based in Australia and Jennifer based in the Philippines.

Fast forward to May 2017, Jennifer and her sister made their way Down Under to visit Barry and see what life was like in that part of the world. It was easy for her to love Australia because she found the place enjoyable and the people friendly. While touring her in Hunter Valley Gardens on a casual stroll, the groom-to-be found the opportunity to pop the question while they were in a quiet part of the garden.

Barry nervously produced the ring box and presented it to a confused Jennifer who opened the box completely unaware of what was inside. Regaining his composure, Barry took the box from her, got down on bended knee, and said the magic words. It was a funny and nervous moment for the two, but one that ended in sheer delight.

Of their experience, Barry recalled how casually they were dressed for such a special occasion. He says, "I was wearing a blue polo shirt, slacks and slippers. I never wanted to let her known that something was going to happen. She, on the other hand, was wearing a man's hat and a dress sweater." That's definitely one way to make sure that the bride-to-be doesn't suspect an incoming proposal!


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