Palazzo Verde

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Posted on December 05, 2015 at 08:53 PM

Fairytale Weddings ‘R Us

Palazzo Verde is a local venue with an undeniable Venetian touch

Dazzling rays of sunset glimmer over the many facets that make up the glass dome while the newlyweds share a tender embrace or, better yet, a sweet kiss in the foreground. Dramatic as it sounds, we aren’t describing the finale of a teleserye. This is real life, and we’ve seen countless wedding photos to prove it. Some places just seem to give off that magical spark, like seeing the world through rose-colored glasses or finding an excellent photo app filter. Everything’s so much more… romantic. That’s the grandeur of Palazzo Verde that resonates in photos and in person.

Formerly known as Fernbrook Gardens, the grand celebration venue that is Palazzo Verde makes as big of an impact as its grandiose-sounding Italian name that reverberates in our ears. This is a full-service wedding venue equipped with distinct features such as a hundred-foot glass dome, a Venetian-inspired canal for gondola rides, and a horse-drawn carriage. It doesn’t get more reminiscent of a fairytale than this.

And because selecting the perfect venue for that once-in-a-lifetime occasion is such a major part of the wedding planning process, consider half the battle won the moment you finalize your site. Each milestone held at Palazzo Verde is as much about the personalities of the people celebrating them as the venue’s interior or amenities. What takes a wedding from posh to personal is the incorporation of the couple’s desire to communicate who they are to their guests. The details that reflect their tastes, coupled with the venue’s distinctive design and structure, result in a unique event every single time.

A slice of Venice in our local shores, get ready to say “Ciao Bella” to the massive events venue that’ll make you feel like Romeo and Juliet, but with a fairytale happy ending.




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