Submit Your Proposal Story for the next INSPIRATIONS for Weddings Magazine issue.

INSPIRE Others and Get the Chance For Your Proposal Story To Be Featured in INSPIRATIONS for Weddings Magazine.

1 to 3 proposal stories will be featured in the next issue of INSPIRATIONS for Weddings Magazine, the country's most gorgeous wedding publication for BOTH the Bride & the Groom.


  1. All grooms (past or present) who have made a cool proposal may join.
  2. Email your wedding proposal story to with the subject "My Proposal Story."  Pls. limit your story within one page short bond size.
  3. Entries may be in English or Filipino (Themes & Motifs' editorial team will help write up your story for the final magazine print if it gets chosen.).
  4. Deadline for submission is January 31 for Inspirations for Weddings Magazine’s March Issue or July 31 for Inspirations for Weddings Magazine’s September Issue.  

If the Themes & Motifs editorial team likes your story (either it's moving, hilarious, heartwarming, or so much fun), we'll contact you to request your permission to publish your story in Proposals That Pop in the next issue of INSPIRATIONS for Weddings Magazine and also to request some photos of your proposal (if available)