Seanar & Chelsea: Real-Life Magic

by Nice Print Photography

Posted on May 01, 2018 at 01:02 AM

Seanar & Chelsea's Charming IRL

"Take a moment for yourselves. Take a moment to take it all in." - Seanar & Chelsea

Seanar Sy and Chelsea Catingub prove that an Enchanted walk down the aisle is not that hard to imagine. Though the pair weren't given much time to work on their movie-inspired wedding, they attribute the success of their big day to keeping their cool under pressure and the full cooperation of their suppliers, coordinators, and friends. The finished product looked straight out of a storybook. The couple's delight was captured in the photos taken by Nice Print. From the blissful bridal prep to the sunset kiss, it didn't take sparkle dust and magic spells to show just how bewitching their love is. 

Photographers: Nice Print Photography


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