LM and Kara: The Big Story

by Themes & Motifs Online - The Wedding Ideas & Promos Portal

Posted on July 11, 2018 at 01:12 AM

A Piece of Cake For LM and Kara

Sometimes, life's major realizations don't come in a flash of blinding light. It can be a subtle moment that says a lot. For LM CANCIO and KARA DAVID, it was snacking on chocolate cake while out on a date  early on in their relationship that hinted the start of their forever love. Playful Kara smeared chocolate frosting on her teeth and asked her then-boyfriend, LM, to take a photo. Much to her surprise, he followed suit, and that memory became one of their most precious, the anecdote even being shared by the bride during her SDE on her big day. It was the pair's shared sense of humor that helped build their bond right up to the altar and beyond. 


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