Inspirations.PH / Fashion & Beauty Guide / January 13, 2021

4 Tips for Your Intimate Wedding Bridal Look


By Ronna Capili Bonifacio

Photographs by Nicolai Melicor and Kith and Kindle

Makeup by Bene Javier | Hairstyle by Strawberry Diaz | Gown by Marsha Berbon | Jewelry by J’s Diamond | Flowers by Clint Carl Flowershop | Models: Christi McGarry and Eduardo Lara for Empire Mercator | Shot on location at Museo de Padilla | Shoot assistants: Anna Isleta and Patricia Valiente

1. Visualize everything together.

Try creating a collage of your pegs through apps or Canva if visualizing all the details together in your mind is a challenge. Include your dress, jewelry, and bouquet. This way, it will be easier for you to see if they go together even if you can't try them on just yet.

2. Opt for off the rack if your planning period is short.

Couples these days are only spending a few months to put together their wedding. Pre-pandemic, a year or a year and a half to plan a wedding was normal because events were on a larger scale. If you’re only planning your wedding for three months or even half a year, consider buying an off the rack dress which is often already built and just needs to be resized to fit your body perfectly.

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3. Go for what you want.

Yes there are suggestions and guidelines, but ultimately remember that this is your wedding and what you want matters. As we’ve mentioned before, if the wedding detail you’ve dreamt of for years is unrelated to safety protocols, you should go for it. And if that means wearing the wedding gown of your dreams, despite a guest list of 10, that’s okay.

4. Embrace tradition and break tradition.

The white wedding dress is one of the oldest traditions in weddings. Through the years, Filipinas have embraced it while adding our own interpretations and spins to it as we play with fashion. If some wedding wivestales don’t mean much to you–such as wearing pearls on your wedding day like our model–it’s okay to do things your own way. Wearing jewelry that’s been passed on in the family is a special way to add a sentimental touch to your bridal look. You can also opt to shop for something new and start your own tradition.