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Add a Personal Touch to Your Civil Wedding—7 Tips

By Marielle Ong
With additional reports by Ronna Capili Bonifacio

Have you found yourselves in the unique situation of figuring out how to get married during community quarantine and amid covid-19? If a stylish civil wedding is what you and your spouse-to-be has decided on, here are seven tips for a beautiful and meaningful wedding. Even if it was not plan A. It might not be a big bash, especially with mass gathering limitations, but you can still add a personal touch to your civil celebration.

  1. Stylishly Simple
    Brides can have a fashionable wedding ensemble, even if it isn’t a gown. Take a cue from the timeless Carrie Bradshaw, who sported a tailored jacket-and-skirt combo for the Sex and the City courthouse wedding scene. Olivia Palermo followed suit (no pun intended!) with a creamy sweater paired with a tulle skirt and… shorts! Prioritize a great fit and source well-cut pieces that lend to the dressed-up look. Another favorite: Amal Clooney.

  2. Dress Code Mode
    Even without a trip to a designer, you and your guests’ outfits can coordinate nicely for the photos. In fact, having just a small group with matching outfits underscores the intimate environment you’ve created. Color coordination is still the easiest way to achieve this.
  3. The Cool Crew
    Your witnesses technically serve as your principal sponsors, so you can still give them the entourage experience. If you’re grabbing a bridal bouquet, supply your best ladies with a mini version as well. Spring for small tokens to thank your guests for their participation.
  4. Dining In
    As receptions are still customary for all sorts of weddings, you may make reservations at a restaurant or hotel if possible. It doesn’t have to be a fine dining establishment. Pick one that has a relaxed yet private ambiance, so that you can enjoyably discuss the events of the day. You may also consider having a reception at home if your space allows and then have it catered. 
  5. Full Coverage
    While a civil wedding package can typically involve hi-res photographs of the ceremony by the organizer or officiant’s staff, it can be nice to hire a separate official wedding photographer (or ask a friend with a nice camera) to document the day. At least, you’ll have high quality photos up until the reception and probably even wedding portraits.
  6. Zoom In
    Consider streaming your wedding to loved ones who cannot make it at this time. Zoom can also help connect guests you wish you could invite but might no be able due to the limitations of a mass gathering during community quarantine.
  7. Think Out of the Box
    This community quarantine has many creative people thinking of unheard of solutions to our limitations. Here's an idea: If you've already maxed out your mass gathering guest list but still want to invite others, perhaps like your extended families, why not have them gather at one home if they can? Say one home of a family member of the bride hosts the bride's extended family and one home of a groom's family member hosts the groom's extended family--again both within the capacity of mass gatherings only. (Plus points if they live near each other or really live together, that way there's no new exposure.) Talk to your caterer, event stylist, wedding coordinator, and even videographers and photographers and ask for help on how to stream your wedding and recreating the same reception feel the couple has in those two homes. 

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