Litrato Yan / Member Videos / October 17, 2020

Alvin and Connie's SDE

Creating Alvin and Connie’s same day edit video is by far one of my favorites. This adorable couple was just so game with everything and like most of my clients, they wanted to make the most out of their wedding day. From preparations, the ceremony and until the reception, they didn’t lose their A-game. 

I was so glad that our team from Litrato Yan had a lot of fun as well. Their wedding reminded us of the reasons we chose this profession in the first place. It was refreshing to work with a couple who allowed us to be our most creative selves as we witnessed them take the first step on the new adventure they were about to embark on. 

If you choose Litrato Yan, I can guarantee you that my team will not waste the opportunity to make your wedding as memorable as it can be. The last thing that we want is disappointing our clients which is why we ensure you nothing but the best of services and results. Aside from catering you with all of your needs, Litrato Yan is here to help you make your dream wedding come to life.

The Dream Team
Photo & Video Company Litrato Yan
Venue Marian Grand Pavilion