Foreveryday Photography / News, Promos & Ideas / July 30, 2020

Chris & Aye Intimate Wedding

The big day doesn't have to be literally big! Chris & Aye booked us for their 2020 wedding, which they expected to be filled with the presence of friends and family. Adjustments had to be made, of course, as the pandemic requires us to convene in not more than 10 persons. They decided to do two things: 1. Postpone the wedding. They won't let go of their dream day, and they want to celebrate their love surrounded by everybody in their original guest list of more than 100. We rescheduled it already, and we look at that future date with so much hope that everything will be as it's supposed to be. 2. Do the wedding! In other words, two big days! Look how charming this little celebration is. Aye wore a colorful dress with a matching mask, and they exchanged their "I do's" in front of God and the seven most important people in their lives. This is how a wedding happens now. Social distancing, temp check, foot baths, masks, face shields, alcohol stations (not the drinkable type), gloves, contact tracing. That's a lot, but it gives us the assurance that as we follow protocols, we keep everybody healthy and safe.

The Theme & Motif
Location: Enderun Colleges
Theme: Intimate/Minimalist Rustic Boho/Chill
Motif: Neutral / Powder Blue
Special Touch: Covid-19 Protocols