Litrato Yan / News, Promos & Ideas / October 18, 2020

Christian & Leth's Wedding

Christian and Leth’s wedding is definitely one for the books. It was elegant and romantic as it can be. I remember being surrounded by people who kept on wishing them well, as if all the smiles on everyone’s face were permanently plastered. It was energizing to be surrounded by such positivity, it makes you forget that you’re working because it’s as if you were watching a fairytale come true; a modern day princess marrying her prince charming. 

That’s another thing I love about Litrato Yan– we love making our clients’ dreams come true. Aside from the 100% guarantee of having a very reliable, experienced and talented team, I am proud and confident of how we make our magic work by focusing on what our clients want and actually making it happen. This is not only proof of the quality service we provide, it is also a foundation wherein we can build our clients’ trust. 

If you want to turn your wedding fantasies into a reality, then you’ve come to the right post. We can ensure you the best of everything we have to offer and the last thing we could ever want is to disappoint you. With us, you are in great hands.

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