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Dappy and Kyna - Headed Straight for Love

“We did not shy away from these challenges because we made sure that we were equipped”

Dappy Reyes and Kyna Pasamba's love story is the stuff of a romantic comedy. Guy spots girl during a job interview, guy can't stop thinking about girl, girl couldn't care less. On their first date, as the script–we meant fate–would have it, it ended with Dappy and Kyna sharing a single umbrella as they finished their ice cream. 

Dappy and Kyna's wedding, like many others, was adjusted and readjusted to make it suitable to the government guidelines. But because research and information was their best friend, the couple confidently pulled off a "grand wedding" complete with choir and orchestra at the ceremony and a live concert for the reception. Of course live music was a must for the only daughter of Bernie Pasamba of Bernie Pasamba Music Consultancy, and Vocalismo Choral Group, and as Kyna says, it was also strategic because it allowed guests to skip conversastion (or opportunities for transmission).

Below Kyna talks to how they prepared for their wedding and ensured that safety protocols were followed throughout:

What was your wedding plan?
Kyna Pasamba Reyes (KPR): This was not the original plan. The original plan is a 300-guest list with a 16-piece orchestra and 10 piece choir. We cut down the guest list from 300 persons to 50 persons, and reduced the 16-piece orchestra to a double string quartet. We also had to cut short the program.

We also had to ensure that all government protocols are complied with: contact tracing, social distancing, wearing of face masks and face shields, adhering the maximum seating capacity of the church and restaurant for the private dinner, no games (close contact), sanitation of event areas etc.

To minimize conversations, we staged a flash mob and a live concert for our guests. This was essentially our program.

We also conducted a survey of our guests to know who was willing to attend, before actually sending the formal invitation to them because we have to ensure that we do not exceed the maximum seating capacity of the venues. This also helps us finally decide if we will move the private dinner at a later date (i.e., when the number of people who will physically attend the wedding will exceed the maximum seating capacity of the venue.) This is very unlike a pre-covid wedding where the couple first send out the invitations to their guests, and then the guests respond to the RSVP. (They talk more about this process in their Love Wins: Live Forum guesting here –Eds)

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What were the challenges to planning your wedding?
KPR: First challenge was finalizing the guest list. Many of our friends and relatives actually wanted to attend so we had to “filter out” a number of our guests, and limit formal invitations for physical attendance to our closest family members and friends. Second challenge is ensuring that we will comply with all government directives to ensure that we aren’t transgressing any IATF guidelines. Third challenge is creating the website and FB Facebook group–channels where we could consolidate information and updates that our guests may need to know about a pandemic wedding. Fourth challenge was keeping abreast of IATF guidelines, which were constantly changing every two (2) weeks. We had to adjust the wedding invites, program etc. so as to adhere to these changes.

We addressed these challenges head-on. We did not shy away from these challenges because we made sure that we were equipped with the necessary information which would help us ensure the safety of our guests and the success of the wedding. We also engaged the best suppliers in the wedding industry who are, likewise, equipped with their own safety measures and equipment, and knowledge of the health and safety protocols of the government.

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How did you feel on your wedding day?
KPR: Nervous yet ecstatic. Though we initially wanted a big wedding, our intimate wedding turned out to be grand in its own way. A historic one, to say the least, which we could share to our future children and grandchildren.

Are you still planning on a bigger wedding?
KPR: Yes, if the opportunity presents itself. Right now, we are focusing on our careers, and building a bigger family. We’re definitely planning a “grander” first year anniversary.

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The Dream Team

Wedding Planner: Kasalan Coordinations Services (Liza Alvideo) | Reception Venue Styling: Randy Lazaro Events & Lifestyle | Church Flowers: Manny Aldaba | Photography: JCTEE Photography | Videography: Phoeben Teocson Cinema | HMUA: Lourd Ryan Ramos | Wedding Gown and Barong: Francis Libiran | Entertainment: Bernie Pasamba Music Consultancy, and Vocalismo Choral Group | Invitations: The Write Impressions | Livstream Video: Picsure Cinema