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Do Intimate Weddings Still Need Coordinators?

You may only have 10 or so in attendance, but now it’s not just running the event. It’s also ensuring safety protocols are followed

The resounding answer is yes—not just from wedding coordinators lest we think that it’s just about business. But even other major wedding suppliers, such as caterers, photographers, and videographers, are in full agreement. It may feel like an intimate wedding of 10 or even 25 to 30 is small enough to run the event on your own but as top wedding planner Christine Ong Te will share below, there’s more to the wedding planner and coordinator’s job than just running the program. 

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Christine Ong Te: Yes of course, the client should consider having a coordinator. Because there are so many new protocols. Maybe you might consider that they don’t need to be at an intimate wedding physically, but the process, the planning, the dealing with the suppliers, how to manage have a good wedding reception and a good wedding ceremony, [wedding coordinators make this happen]. Kasi ako, ayoko lang isipin [gawin yung wedding] na para lang ikasal lang kayo. I still want it to be as beautiful as it can be. So I would give advice on who could be there on your wedding and number two, if coordinators will be at the wedding day—and we should really be there—kasi kami na po ang magiging police niyo on the day. Sila na po ang magiging marshals ninyo.

You know, photographers can only do so much because they are so focused to take shots. It’ll be more difficult in terms of artistic level. All the suppliers working on the wedding will not notice mask and social distancing of the guests anymore. They will probably forget that. So the coordinators’ job is to make sure that happens.

Before suppliers get into the room, who will marshal them? Kami yon. Kami yung magsasabi, marami nang tao. Labas na. Alam mo that’s a vital role. Hindi na kailangan intindihin ng parents yan, hindi na kailangan intindihan ng bride and groom yan especially.

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During the ceremony or the reception, of course we will be the ones to remind them to always wear their masks. The venues can only do so much. But definitely we need to be responsible. It’s a matter of you educating your clients—of course [madaming] emotions yan eh, [and it will be easy to forget protocols].

We are waiting for the safety protocols to be released by the National Live Events Coalition. Once it will be released, then we are the ones who will echo and explain to the suppliers and clients.

Couples will still need advise from a professional than advise from their friends. (Especially now that there are many new protocols that need to be followed, well experienced wedding coordinators and planners will be able to foresee possible hitches and help couples focus on what they want to. –Eds)


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