Litrato Yan / Member Videos / October 18, 2020

JM & Janina's Wedding Highlights

"Ako’y nangangako, pagmamahal ko’y ‘di mapapako. ‘Yan ang patutunayan ko sa’yo, mahal ko."

For years I have been in this industry but never have I lost the admiration for the people who cherish love. Hearing each heartfelt sentiment, witnessing professions of love and seizing each opportunity to have been a part of different milestones in our clients’ lives is truly a blessing from above. 

I’d love to share JM and Janina’s wedding highlights with you because it really does capture the beauty that marriage brings; choosing and committing to that one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. We can never control nor see what life may bring. It can get terrifying at times but you just know that even if thousands of hurricanes may come your way, there is nothing you can’t surpass as long as you’re with the one. 

Litrato Yan with its goal of sharing our client’s love through photography, ensures our clients the quality of services that they deserve on their special day. It is our goal to make that special day and the love it holds carry on until your hair grows white. We want to capture each picture-perfect moment reminding you of the promises that have been made and the joy of celebrating this new journey you are about to embark on. With our team, rest assured that you are making one of the best decisions of your life.