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Jose and Angie: Zoom, Charcuterie, and a Yacht

They sent food to 160 homes as part of their zoom party

Plans for Jose and Angie Tuazon’s silver wedding anniversary began in 2019 and much like most wedding and grand celebrations of 2020, theirs took quite a turn. But two hiccups didn’t stop the couple and their three children, Djoshua Gian Jairus,  Seidji Gianthoni, and Djoanne Giannelli from putting together a memorable event that included a photoshoot at Angie’s alma mater where their love story began, sending food to 160 guests and having them join a zoom party while the Tuazons enjoyed dinner at a yacht. 

“Choose to be happy and safe,” Angie says about their celebration. Read below her tips on throwing a livestreamed celebration.

Was this your original renewal of vows plan before the pandemic? What did you have to adjust? And why did you decide to push through—some might not have done so because “it’s just a renewal” and not a weeding?
Angeli Tuazon (AT): Originally, we planned to have our renewal of vows in Jerusalem and have a wedding at Cana with our children and friends as witnesses. We wanted to show and inspire our children that marriage with love is resilient and filled with constant happiness. However, due to Israel's situation, it was no longer feasible to travel there. So, our family made plans to celebrate locally by reserving a venue where we could host at least 35 tables of friends and families to witness their renewal of vows. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we had to cancel all the plans we’ve made since 2019. 

It was harrowing for us to have global events get in the way of our celebration twice. Despite all this, we kept our faith in God and were blessed. General Community Quarantine gave us a shot at being able to create a simple but memorable 25th anniversary celebration. 

How did you make your zoom party special for your guests?
AT: Since large gatherings are not allowed during GCQ, only our immediate family was with us. We made a virtual party for some of family and closest friends. To make it more special, we wanted them to wine and dine with us even in a simple way. So we thought of a Spanish concept with grazing gourmandise and wine sent to their homes. We added empanadas and cupcakes from our wedding cake delivered to all 160 guests and their families. The logistics was very complicated since we have to get the help of several delivery and logistics teams in vans and motorcycles who distributed the delicate food in time for the Zoom party at 6pm. 

Our party was hosted by my youngest sister, Kathie Sobremonte, who has the most livestreaming experience hosting parties and webinars as a CPA. Without Kathie, we would have had trouble handling the zoom session and recording the details of the party. 

The program was simple, showing the wedding, photoshoot in UST, lunch at Las Casas Filipinas Acuzar and another photoshoot in the same venue. We had games for the guests with cash prizes sent via GCash, greetings from guests were shown, chat messages amongst friends in the party were also going on. There was a kiss and a toast by the couple and they ate the food delivered to them together virtually with our family having a four-course dinner and Terry's Bistro food and wine in the lantern-lit yacht. The same day edit video was shown the same night through Facebook for all friends to see.

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What were some of your favorite and most memorable moments of your anniversary celebration?
AT: The solemn Renewal of Vows inside the church was the most memorable moment. Putting on our new rings blessed by Fr. Jeff Aytona was truly unforgettable as we sealed the moment with a kiss.

What is your advice for couples or celebrants planning weddings and events amid the pandemic?

Choose to be happy, wise, and safe in selecting suppliers and be content with however you choose to celebrate. Work with a budget and ask for help when needed, surround yourselves with important people who would be truly happy and support you in whatever you do. There will always be smart choices to make in planning and throwing a celebration with substitutes to your original pick. 

One of the most important things is to make sure to get a good photo-videographer to capture precious moments and a great host for the party. Sometimes things don’t work out the way we want it to be, but we have to learn to accept the changes and move forward with a positive mindset to succeed. Make sure to trust reputable suppliers that would take the stress away from you when you do not have a party coordinator.

We chose Las Casas Quezon City because the food there is delicious and their beautiful interior and exterior spanish decor is perfect for a photoshoot after the wedding and eating lunch. They ensured our safety with their implemented social distancing and hygiene protocols, which allowed for the family to celebrate without a worry.  

This is the new norm on having a memorable event via virtual parties with friends and family amidst the pandemic and strict safety protocols. 

The Dream Team: 

Church: Santissimo Rosario Parish in University of Santo Tomas | Officiating Priest: Rev. Fr. Christopher Jeffrey Aytona, O.P. | Hair & make up: Japeth Mike Purog and Bianca Vergara | Bridal gown: Adriana Papell | Groom & groomsmen suits: Onesimus | Maid of Honor dress: Helina | Wedding Rings: Mayfair Goldsmith | Photo-Video: Jervy Santiago Photography | Food and wine sent for the virtual guests: Grazing Gourmandise and Wine from Terry's Bistro, Sugarelli for cupcakes, Verleo Catering Services for spanish empanadas  | Customized Souvenirs and Logo Printing: Mitsui Trading Phils. Ltd. Co. | Logistics: Mitsui Trading Phils. Ltd. Co. & Lalamove | Sunset Cruise and Dinner: Gallo Yacht Charters | Flowers: Nene's Flower Shop | Virtual Party Host: Kathie Sobremonte | Wedding Cake: Sugarelli by Janelle Dy and Bethany Dream Cakes | Lunch Reception: Las Casas Quezon City

All photos courtesy of Angeli Tuazon


Guests of the Tuazons enjoying their charcuterie while attending the zoom party.

Sending food to all your guests is a big feat, but it can be done with proper coordination.