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The Perfect Venue For Rustic-themed Weddings

Juan Carlo Partners With The Old Grove Farmstead

For rustic or farm - themed weddings or prenup photoshoots, this place is perfect! 

After almost a year of not seeing each other due to the COVID19 pandemic, wedding planners, event stylists, and other Philippine wedding industry big shots trooped to Lipa City Batangas on the invitation of Juan Carlo The  Caterer.  The event was to launch the exclusive partnership of Juan Carlo The  Caterer and The Old Grove Farmstead and their intimate wedding packages.

The sprawling The Old Grove Farmstead property is a destination onto itself perfect for farm, barnyard, rural, provincial, or rustic-themed events.  Or maybe even just for a relaxing family picnic or a romantic date, a respite from COVID19 pandemic concerns,  where you can savor the lush greenery and scenic rustic scene that remind you of how tranquil and peaceful life can be under a blue sky and a gentle breeze that seem to carry your cares away.   Imagine farm animals you can feed and a small picturesque lagoon where you can row a boat and while away time.  It’s picture perfect and the venue has been booked for prenup photo shoots and fashion pictorials precisely because of this.  With Juan Carlo The  Caterer’s all-in  intimate wedding packages, we see a lot of rustic-themed weddings happening here.

The welcome drinks of summer coolers and Juan Carlo The  Caterer’s signature popsicle-in-fruit punch quenched away our thirst especially coming from a long drive from our side of Metro Manila and away from COVID19 pandemic worries.  Seeing friends, wedding industry colleagues, and  the warm welcoming smiles of Alex del Rosario, Chairman & Founder of Juan Carlo, and JC del Rosario, AVP of Juan Carlo The Caterer instantly shifted our gears to party mode.

The food was great.  But that’s a given of any Juan Carlo The  Caterer’s event.  The plating was superb.  That’s another given.  It was fancy hotel dining experience in a remote setting such as The Old Grove Farmstead.  And for this event,  Juan Carlo The  Caterer did not disappoint. 

To help ensure the safety of their Philippine wedding industry guests,  an antigen swab test area was appropriated and guests were requested to be tested before they can proceed to the event grounds.  While everyone in the party grounds tested negative for the COVID19 pandemic virus,  reminders of the minimum IATF safety protocols of wearing masks and physical distancing through beautifully styled themed signages and announced by the event emcee every so often.  This is an idea an intimate wedding party of any celebration in this time of COVID19 pandemic can adopt.

Seen at the event were wedding planners Jhune Salud, Rhed Sarmiento,  Roch Chua of Events by The Planner , Bingo Flores of Sweet Comfort Events Management,   Foi Malones of Casamento Events, Jerome & Marbin of Events Co by Marbin J. Garcia, celebrity photographer Charisse Tinio of Nice Print, event stylist Dave Sandoval, make up artist Toni Aviles of Gorgeousa Make up Studio, and many more.

The event was planned and coordinated by La Belle Fete Manila, catering was by Juan Carlo The Caterer (of course!), styling by Gideon Hermosa of House of Hermosa.  Entertainment was provided by 3rd Avenue.  

NOTE:   Catch Sharon P. Fabian’s special feature on Juan Carlo The Caterer and The Old Grove Farmstead partnership launch to be premiered on Themes & Motifs TV on Sunday, 28 February 2021, 9 pm.

All photos on this page courtesy of Ms. Charisse Tinio of Nice Print Photography

The Old Grove Farmstead is located in Lipa City Batangas,  a mere hour and a half drive from Metro Manila.  Thanks to the new Skyway Stage 3,  this trip is a breeze even if you are coming from the northern side of the Metro on the tip of Quezon City.  The sprawling events venue can be seen from the STAR Tollway, another blessing of the highway that traverses the southern tagalong region which makes commuting to this part of countryside a pleasant experience.  The lush greenery along this highway is a much welcome sight for city dwellers’ tired eyes and COVID19 pandemic weary spirits. There are two main architectural features that will draw you to the charming The Old Grove Farmstead.  First is the windmill.  Yes, a windmill that looks very much like iconic trademark of Holland.  Just about the same size,  the windmill in The Old Grove Farmstead is nestled on verdant grounds with white fences and where sheep and ponies graze and ducks, geese, and other fowls feed.  The scenery is straight out of a rustic farm wonderlan.  Truly the perfect setting for the Philippine weddings’ finest and brightest creative minds to unwind.

Juan Carlo The Caterer is a master of both visual and culinary delight for intimate weddings and other celebrations.

The other architectural feature of note is the big and imposing red barn.  This is The Old Grove Farmstead piece de resistance for wedding and other events as it offers a covered event grounds that can accommodate intimate wedding celebrations or any party of about 400 guests during non COVID19 pandemic times.  The interior is a blank canvas that is a dream for any event sylist as it allows the barn to be transformed into any theme desired by the celebrants.  For the launch of the Juan Carlo The Caterer  and The Old Grove Farmstead partnership and intimate wedding packages,  the theme was barnyard chic.  The overall look and feel at the launch was barnyard fabulous.

Alex del Rosario enjoys a light moment with Foi Malones and Jhune Salud.

Emcee Karen Kabuhat banters with Foi Malones of Casamento Events.

Alex del Rosario, Chairman and Founder of Juan Carlo The Caterer gives in to fun tune.

Morissete Amon, herself a would –be Juan Carlo The  Caterer bride at The Old Grove Farmstead, dazzled and mesmerized the Philippine wedding industry guests with three Trina Belamide of The Trina Belamide Song Shop/Regine Velasquez collab songs (You Made Me Stronger, Shine, and Reason Enough For Me) and encored with the Mariah Carey remake of the Jackson 5 classic I’ll be There with the 3rd Avenue lead vocalist.  The event was hosted by Karen Kabuhat.

"Let me fill your heart with joy and laughter..." Morisette enjoys a duet with 3rd Avenue's lead vocalist.

Batangas' best tablea, kapeng barako, and honey packaged in farm crate inspired boxes.

The grazing table was a sight to behold.  And double joy  of a feast to partake.  The awesome spread of oysters, tahong (new Zealand mussels),  cold cuts, nuts, dates, cheeses,  vegetables sticks, flat bread, and mini burgers was a such visual delight that will make your mouth water by just looking at it.   But was it delicious?  Of course!  Juan Carlo The  Caterer. ;-)


Juan Carlo The  Caterer left no stones unturned to make sure that their guests, big names in their own right in Philippine weddings,  will have a fun time at the launch of their partnership with The Old Grove Farmstead and of their intimate wedding packages.  While a lot of their guests were understandably from the Batangas, Laguna, and Cavite areas,  some of their industry partners from Metro Manila and as far north as Bulacan were also invited.

Jeff and She Columna, whose vision it was to turn their farm into a spectacular events venue.

Farm fresh produce and sunflowers make for a homey warm ambiance.

The aroma of citrus and roses was such a delight for our COVID19 pandemic weary spirits.

JC & Pia del Rosario of Juan Carlo strike a pose for posterity.

Gideon Hermosa scores big with this barnyard chic tableau of flowers, fruits, and votives.

The interior décor of Gideon Hermosa, one of Philippine weddings’ creative geniuses,  was something else.  The combination of farm fruits in crates, candles, votives, orchids, and other blooms was postcard pretty barnyard chic at its finest.  Three long tables withfragrant centerpieces dominated the room accented by faux trees to give the place a cozier outdoorsy vibe. Juan Carlo The  Caterer’s  party souvenir of Batangas tablea, honey, and kapeng barako packaged in a crate box with a sliding cover was a pleasant surprise that greeted the guests upon being seated.

Rhed Sarmiento, Dave Sandoval, and Toni Aviles glam it up.

Roch Chua of Events By The Planner pose for the camera with Alex del Rosario and Juan Carlo The Caterer's account executive.

A wigwam of slim poles, fairy lights, green vines, and bales of dried hay make for a postcard pretty rustic photo booth.