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Lennard and Corina - Marriage is the Goal

'I already accepted that our wedding is not going to be the wedding that I have been dreaming of since I was a little girl... but I also decided to walk down the aisle wearing the wedding dress of my dreams'

Lennard Constantine C. Serrano and Corina P. Cac already booked their 2020 wedding after Lennard proposed in 2019. Of course their wedding plans took a turn and everything had to change when their original reception venue informed the couple that they could no longer operate anytime soon. This hitch sent the couple down a new direction for their wedding.

Because they wanted to stick to their original wedding date, October 10, 2020, the couple searched for a new reception venue and church. Lennard and Corina fortunately ended up with their dream church, Manila Cathedral, because the pandemic now freed up the date and Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant for the reception. 

The couple shares more about their journey to the altar and their tips for a pandemic wedding (including a separate livestreaming supplier!):

What did you make sure to have for your wedding?

Lennard and Coreen: First, the zoom supplier. We have a lot of relatives and friends living abroad, and we wanted them to be present, even if only virtually. So we decided to get a separate professional zoom supplier, who can focus on the livestreaming of the wedding.

Second, the photographer and videographer. We opted to continue with the professional photographer and videographer so that we will have beautiful photos to serve as the memories of our wedding. 

Finally, the church. While we, as lawyers, know that is easier to get married civilly, we decided to have a church wedding instead. This is considering that our families, who are all catholics, have been reminding us that sacred vows, like the vow to be faithfully married forever, must be done with the blessing of the Church. And thus, with the influence and guidance of our families, we both happily agreed to say our vows in church, in front of God and our families.

Coreen: For me, my wedding dress. As a bride and given the current situation, I've already accepted that our wedding is not going to be the wedding that I have been dreaming of since I was a little girl. Be that as it may, I decided to walk down the aisle wearing the wedding dress of my dreams. And so I told my designer, Banggo Niu, to continue with the design using the lace that I've always wanted.

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Tips for couples planning their wedding?

Be flexible and open to other plans. They must also constantly cooperate and coordinate with all their suppliers, since both parties are affected and paddling though the unpredictability of the times. And if couples will push through the wedding, they must prioritize the safety and health of their guests. They may also optimize the current technology to their advantage.

What were the most memorable moments of your wedding?

Coreen: My walk down the aisle. To me, it felt like the culmination of the rollercoaster planning, which we did for almost two years. I was very happy to see some of my families and friends present in church. I know that it was not an easy decision for them to attend physically and I felt their love and support at that time. To top it all of, I felt very at peace when I saw Lennard waiting for me at the altar. While I have been waiting for our wedding day to come, at that moment, I cannot wait for the day to end and start living and enjoying married life with him already.

Lennard: When the door and curtains of Manila Cathedral opened. It was the first time I saw Coreen in her wedding dress. I was filled with mixed emotions–excitement, anxiety, eagerness, happiness–that finally what we have planned was actually happening. In the end, all these emotions were overwhelmed with the joy of getting married to my special one, and this resulted to my genuine smile while waiting at the altar with my family. 

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What has getting married during a pandemic taught you?

It taught us to focus on marriage.  For us, this is getting the blessing of the Church through the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, and of course receiving the blessing of our parents. The pandemic also taught us that while it is nice to prepare for a beautiful wedding which the guests can enjoy, we should be more prepared for married life. To us, the fun of a big wedding reception is nothing compared to the joy and contentment of knowing that the day after the wedding, we will be sharing our lives forever. 

Finally, we realized that our families will always be there for us, through good times and bad. These unprecedented times have definitely posed restrictions and challenges, but with the support, love and understanding of our family and friends, we have managed to still pull off an enjoyable and memorable wedding. And this is what we prayed for, a happy and safe wedding. 

Church: The Manila Cathedral | Reception Venue/Caterer: Barbara's Heritage Restaurant | Wedding Invitation and Favor: Print and Co. | Wedding Coordinator: Kiss the Girl Events | Bridal Gown: Banggo Niu | Groom's Suit: Joemar Habana | Photographer: Nicolai Melicor | Videographer: The Spark Series | Zoom Live: Kim Torres Events | Bridal HMUA: Pong Niu | Bridal Bouquet: Amaranthus Florist & Event Stylist | Bridesmaids Bouquet: Little Dried Studios | Wedding Cake: Miel's Cake Design | Host: Nadine Smith | Musician: Libante Strings

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