Marian Grand Pavilion / Member Videos / October 17, 2020

Marian Grand Pavilion partners with Litrato Yan

The Marian Grand Pavilion in partnership with Litrato Yan Photography and Event services, provide our clients with a professional team that is 100% reliable, experienced and talented– ensuring our clients nothing but the best quality of results and services. All events assisted by our team are guaranteed to have a grand and magical ending.?

In line with ensuring our client’s safety and well-being, and in our battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, the Marian Grand Pavilion will also be providing thermal scanners, foot baths, alcohol dispensers, and UV rays used to sanitize rooms and other parts of the venue. Each team will also maintain and follow quarantine protocols, making your event as memorable and safe that it can be. This is also to assure our clients that we are all about prioritizing their health while helping them make their intimate moments as memorable and sterling as it can be.