Themes & Motifs Online / Celebrity Weddings / February 04, 2021

Miko & Kaira's Rustic Reception Pics

Neutral colors with pink, beige, and gold accents.  Miko & Kaira's rustic themed reception is cozy, comfy, & cool.  


?Kaira, The Beautiful 

Miko, Dashing and Cool

Elements of Style - Rustic Wedding Details Pics

Church Pics -  Chill and solemn in a quaint and charming chapel

IATF protocol - compliant round tables for guests.

IATF protocol - compliant long tables for principal sponsors.

Utensils were sanitized, individually wrapped, and sealed.

Naked cake. A special gift from Kaira's aunt. Tricia Romey.


A tender moment before entering the pavilion for cocktails.

A beautiful Tagaytay sunset shot.

Fashionable sneakers that matched his shoes made walking on the grass-covered reception grounds much easier.

Grand entrance with sparklers and friends.