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Nikko and Bea - Drowning in Love

“I think that’s a blessing from God, that we were able to enjoy that day and enjoy the program and we felt safe. For a minute—and obviously we’re so aware of what’s happening in the world and our country—but for a minute, we got to really just drown in love and in that day,” Bea Fabregas says in her Wedding Q&A vlog with husband Nikko Ramos

The two were married on October 4, 2020 with just their immediate family and four friends each. Bea says that not having all the friends and family she had hoped would be at her wedding day was the most difficult detail she had to accept. Thankfully, Nikko knew his bride’s biggest “non-negotiable” and surprised her with a drive-by greeting which brought Bea to tears. He also surprised her with voice overs by their closest DJ friends for segments of their reception (the two met as DJs), something the two imagined to one day have at their wedding even before they were engaged.

Below, Bea talks candidly about the challenges of an evolving guest list, unromantic swab tests, and why being selfless is the secret to wedding planning—and marriage, we think.

What were some of the most memorable moments of your wedding day?
There were so many things that I loved about our wedding day! I suppose every bride feels the same way. However I think getting ready in the house I grew up in was such a special moment. Pre-pandemic I always imagined myself just getting ready in a hotel, hopping into an elevator to a ballroom and tying the knot. But God had other plans! I don't think I ever imagined dressing up at my parent's house, it was my very own Father of the Bride moment. 

The drive-by of course that my husband Nikko secretly arranged was just mind blowing. I did not expect it at all, and I was an absolute wreck when I saw friends and family in their cars. I keep saying we made the best of the situation at hand, and I feel that even if every bit of me wished that they could all be inside with us, this was the perfect "solution." It was incredibly magical, and it still feels like a dream every time I look back on it.

What were some of the challenges and how did you overcome them?
Gosh, there were too many challenges. The guidelines changing every 2 weeks. Not knowing if it would even be possible to have a wedding. Trying to figure out the head count. Arranging the swab tests before the wedding (which is NOT romantic at all). I can't even pick one. I won't lie and say it was a breeze, because it was very stressful. But Nikko always reminded "one task at a time." and so that's how we pulled it off. We couldn't obsess over details because there was so much uncertainty! I also have to give credit to my sisters and my best friends who constantly prayed with me, believed with me, and encouraged me that our wedding was going to be beautiful no matter what the situation looked like on that day.

What was your vision for your wedding?
I will be honest, I never had a dream wedding. I never even had a dream dress! The only thing I really envisioned for our wedding was having all our family and friends there. Which is why it was especially heartbreaking when it hit me that our headcount was only going to be 22 people. Immediate family and 4 friends each. I kept thinking, ‘Wow I don't have lots of specifics or demands or non-negotiables, but the one thing I want, I can't have.’ I wrestled with the idea, prayed, cried it out, and really asked God to give me peace.

So I guess the idea for the wedding with 22 guests (the 8 friends were not even able to attend the ceremony due to head count limitations) was to just take everything in. For everyone to feel safe despite what was happening in the world, and for them to feel how special it was for us as a couple to have them there. When it comes to styling, my vision was basically one word: maaliwalas. I had lots of help from my amazing best friend Bea Marquez who picked out all the pegs for me. 

What’s your advice for couples planning the pandemic wedding?
Even if it's your big day, you have to learn to be selfless. You have to think of the safety of everyone, that should be the top priority. You don't want to look back on that day thinking you didn't take all the precautions necessary. You also have to learn to let the little things go, in the grander scheme of things, the marriage is truly more important than the wedding. And yes, the wedding should be beautiful, special, and the absolute best. However I truly believe that God will provide the beauty and the magic you expect to have, even if there will be some things that you initially wanted but will have to let go due to the circumstances. 

Watch Nikko and Bea’s Wedding Q&A vlog here.

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