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Reply 1988 Wedding - Mon and Mhy's Happy Beginning

Remember the Reply 1988 prenup shoot? The couple got married and of course kept their theme going

Mon Arias and Mhy Encinarescute prenup shoot inadvertently went viral because its concept, a recreation of well-loved Kdrama Reply 1988, became an unexpected hit among Filipinos during the lockdown. The couple finally tied the knot at The Immaculate Conception Cathedral of Cubao and held their reception at Plaza Ibarra.

But could they do their wedding without a theme after their prenup? The Ariases decided it was best to keep at it–they recreated other scenes from their favorite Kdrama that they were not able to do at their prenup. A true fan would know, but we don’t mind giving it away: Mon and Mhy took a few photos with the famous “Aigoo Kim Sajang” greeting between the bride and the groom while the touching plaque presentation was done by Mhy. Lastly, they couple took a photo that appeared like a wedding photo from the series itself.

Below, Mhy talks a bit more about planning and executing their pandemic wedding, their most memorable moments, and why the bride and the groom were not the star of their reception.

What are some of your most memorable moments from your wedding?

We have a lot of favorites. The groom's march followed by the bridal march, accompanied by our friend’s beautiful rendition of “Your Love”, our theme song. Walking down, Mon and I first saw a glimpse of our parents crying and all our loved ones who gave time to celebrate with us. Also a favorite is the washing of the feet we did at the reception in place of the garter dance. As Mon washed my feet, we commemorated Jesus' example of humility, forgiveness, and how we must serve one another, which Mon and I must always remember in our lifetime together.

One of our favorites is the groom's surprise dance number with his bestfriends which ended with a sexy dance and a happy cheer from our loved ones. Lastly, Mon and I really wanted to pour our hearts into the reception and we wanted it to be significant for our dear parents. We made a tribute video for them and gave both our parents an Appreciation Plaque right after [this is Reply 1988-inspired–eds]. Many told us they had a good cry when we did this. Both of us did, too. But no amount of tears will ever suffice all the hardwork and sacrifices our parents made for us, losing oneself for the people they love.

What was your vision for your wedding?

To celebrate with all the people we love who were present, not extravagant but to at least give ourselves some small treats on our wedding. Upon realizing the real meaning of wedding, we did away with our materialistic side and opted to downgrade majority of our wedding packages so as to submit to the true essence of our marriage–our union with the Lord as husband and wife–more than the trend or glamour.

What’s your advice for couples planning a pandemic wedding?

True love is immune. It is resilient, firm, enduring. And despite the whirlwind of change and the reboot of what was originally planned, our love for each other prevails. Wedding during a pandemic and the panedmic itself taught us to focus on the Sacrament, above all. Mon and I came to better understand our most important investment, the intimate union with God, the Ultimate Author of our marriage, and His most beautiful plans for us, as husband and wife.

We want to share this to all soon-to-wed couples who are doubting to push through with their wedding or not. It is not what we have, but who we have in the wedding that really matters, may it be a little set-up in a resto elsewhere or a small gathering at the church with 10 guests. As long as you have each other, your loved ones, and the Lord, it will be all worth it.

The Dream Team:

Photography and Videography: PhotoErin Photography & Films | Church: The Immaculate Conception Cathedral of Cubao | Reception: Plaza Ibarra | Wedding Rings: Goldenhills Jewelry | Reception Stylist: Johnny F. Samson Designer & Styling | HMUA: Jerry Dee Make-up Artistry | Wedding Preps Venue: Chill Spot Manila | Groom's and Fathers' Suit: Sir Ryan Chris Baylen of The Manila Grand Rentals | Souvenirs: Photoman | Bouquet & Boutonnière: Accents & Petals | Wedding Gown (Final Touches): Dandy Temporosa Couture | Wedding Cake: The Pink Mittens | Bridal Car: Drivee Pinas | Wedding Invitation/Monogram: Leslie Da | Wedding Projector: Orange Lights and Sounds Inc. | Cocktails: Taste Teasers by J&E