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Spotlight On Bela Maraña Makeup

Bridal makeup shouldn’t mean altering the appearance

By Marielle Ong

Main photograph by Gabatan Digital Gallery | Makeup by Bela Maraña | Hairstyle by Wella Basbas | Gown by Marsha Berbon | Jewelry by A. Bernardo's Jewelry | Model: Laurice Trasmaño-Lopez

Bela's photo by Mark Vitasa

For some celebrants, their milestone occasion is the perfect opportunity to take on a massive transformation for just one special day. But bridal fair top-booking makeup artist, Bela Maraña, adheres to the belief of staying true to your own personal brand of beauty. Read on to see why she makes a convincing case. 

The Real Beauty Philosophy

Bridal makeup shouldn’t mean altering the appearance,” Bela stresses. “It should just enhance what’s already there.” And even if there might be a few areas that could do with a spot of concealer, the goal is still to cover up in the lightest possible way. Too much makeup comes across as cakey and flat, a big no-go in the era of HD photo and video. You can see Bela's latest shoot with here.

For a debutante’s makeup, I don’t like making them look more mature,” she confesses. “I want to maintain that youthful look they already have.” Additionally, this artist enjoys working on her clients’ eyes. She places importance on the fact that emotions can be felt from looking at the eyes alone. It’s a powerful statement-maker that deserves more attention. 

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The Fresh Feels 

It seems that the trend is shifting towards a more simplified version of glam these days. Bela observes, “Most of my brides and debutantes want fresh makeup looks. Clients want natural-looking base that still manages to hide imperfections.” Bela achieves this with the help of some airbrushing. While it provides a full-coverage base, it also feels lightweight on the skin and lasts all day. For eyes, smokey neutrals and warm color palettes are frequently requested. Bushy, natural brows are ideally paired with those peepers. 

For a dose of star power, Liza Soberano, Nadine Lustre, and Kathryn Bernardo are the fave pegs of clients. Bela, on the other hand, loves Megan Young’s wedding makeup. The light and simple look has a timeless appeal. 

Building Good Habits 

In anticipation of the big event, there are a couple of habits a celebrant can pick up to achieve good skin. Starting a pre-bedtime skincare ritual, including eye cream, moisturizer, serums, etc. will help improve your skin while you snooze. For daytime, be religious with sunscreen application. Try to get six to eight hours of sleep, if possible, for the entire week before the big day. And as for the major no-no, stop getting facials a month before. It’s possible that your skin may suffer a reaction, especially if you were not getting regular facial treatments to begin with. 

Right before your makeup artist arrives, Bela recommends washing your face with ice water to invigorate the skin for a fresher canvas. 

End the night right 

Finally, the time comes to remove the makeup. Bela emphasizes the importance of being slow and deliberate. “Take your time,” she says. “Double cleanse starting with an oil-based cleanser followed by a facial wash. Remove any leftover makeup with a cotton pad soaked with micellar water.” Rest up, but never forget to take it all off. 

Contact Bela Maraña through her Facebook page, @belamaranamakeup, or email at [email protected]; +63 977 383 3769.

Photography by Randolf Evan Photography borrowed from Bela Maraña Makeup Facebook Page


Photograph by Primatograpiya Studio borrowed from Bela Maraña Makeup Facebook Page

Bela Maraña started in 2015. | Photographed by Mark Vitasa

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