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Spotlight On - Designer Ericka Evangelista

'We make sure that the wedding gown reflects beauty that is already within our brides'

From a young age, Ericka Evangelista was already certain she was in love with designing. The wedding designer remembers sketching on note pads and creating her prom dress at the back of her notebook but it was not a straight path to fashion design for Ericka. After gaining experience in the corporate world, Ericka took a leap of faith and formally studied fashion design in 2018.

“Doing weddings really came as a surprise,” Ericka says. It was a happy accident perhaps, a turning point she now looks back on fondly as it set her course into weddings. “More than creating dresses, I love being able to create wonderful memories with [my brides].”

Below, Ericka tells her story and her style, plus her secret to creating beautiful wedding gowns.

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What got you interested in fashion and weddings?

Growing up I really loved watching Project Runway and would draw on the reseta pads that my mom takes home, using my pink glitter gel pen. That’s when I knew that I had a love for designing. It took one degree and four years working in sales as a business development manager before I actually found the courage to fulfill that dream.

I studied fashion design in Slims Fashion and Art School late 2018. Then first started getting work designs from my office friends and former workmates. Doing weddings really came as a surprise. I did a wedding gown for my friend Karen, whose original wedding gown was ruined 30 days before her wedding. I volunteered to do her gown, and the rest is history. The colored wedding gown trended online and I became a wedding gown designer ever since.

Tell us about your style when it comes to creating for weddings. 

My style motto is really to do classic romantic gowns. Ethereal pieces that do not overpower the bride. It is all about making sure that we get the best silhouette for her and integrate her personality in the dress. We want to make sure that however she looks during her wedding, it reflects the beauty that is already within her.

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What do you enjoy most about being a fashion designer for weddings?  

I love making my clients my friends, too! I enjoy meeting them, talking for hours, and getting to know who they are! It has been such a privilege to be part of their journey, and I always love hearing about how they are doing with their wedding plus some side chikka about how they’re doing in life. More than creating dresses, I love being able to create wonderful memories with them.

When it comes to the creative process or design process, how do you start creating for your clients?  

We really start first with the best proportions and silhouettes for the client. So we let them try our sample gowns, then after we see what looks best for them, we then integrate their personality in the dress. Usually we send thee to four proposal sketches, then once approved by the client, we proceed to creating the gown.

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Do you have any tips for brides and grooms when it comes to creating their wedding wear? 

Do not be afraid to dare different when it comes to your wedding gown! Let your true self show in what you will wear on the biggest day of your life!

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All photos courtesy of Ericka Evangelista

Karen, the bride who launched Ericka into wedding designs

Her colored wedding gown trended online.

Ericka says she also enjoys becoming friends with her brides and grooms.


Ericka ensures that her clients' silhouette and personality is considered in her designs.