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Spotlight On: Splendido Hotel, Garden Venue

By Marielle Ong

Photographs by Studio 1 Photography

A wedding celebration might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a golf course and country club, but Splendido Taal’s charming location and idyllic countryside feel will make a believer out of anyone. Allow us to inspire you:

A Garden Sanctuary

Picture a well-manicured lawn surrounded by trees, soft sunlight filtering through the branches. A nearby lake sparkles in the background, the very picture of serenity. Parque Al Lago is a beautiful venue for an outdoor, garden-themed wedding. The wide, open space can be transformed into a ceremony venue, cocktail setup, or dining area. All it takes is a little imagination.

Simply View-tiful

Another way to get the al fresco experience for a more intimate party is to host your event at the Ladera Veranda. The space has a picturesque view of the Taal lake. It’s the perfect balance of the great outdoors and the Golfer’s Lounge’s exterior.

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Great Indoors

For an indoor event, imagine a high-ceilinged space with Spanish design elements. Wood-paneled ceilings and entryways add a relaxed warmth to the ambiance. A fireplace and Spanish tile accents create a cozy cottage feel. You can enjoy the all-weather area with your nearest and dearest at the Ladera Lounge.

In Close Company

An intimate indoor affair will thrive in La Esquina. The modern, minimalist interior looks fantastic with a contemporary rustic theme. But sky’s the limit on the ways you can plan and play with your big day’s motifs.

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Food for Thought

Once you’ve picked out a venue, it’s time to talk cuisine. Ladera Catering, Splendido’s in-house culinary service, creates sumptuous Spanish-Medittarenean and Filipino dishes that encapsulates the Tagaytay dining experience. You and your guests will be tempted to dig in right away.

Scroll down to see photos of a wedding spread and setup at Splendido Hotel!

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