Themes & Motifs Online / Fashion & Beauty Guide / September 25, 2019

Veiled Interests

Adding mystery and style to the must-have bridal accessory

Written by: Marielle Ong

Like many elements in wedding ceremonies and celebrations, the bride’s veil holds a lot of symbolism that goes back centuries. Some say the veil preserves the bride’s modesty, while others insist that covering up the bride’s visage keeps her away from evil spirits. To the cultures that practiced arranged marriages, the veil gives the groom a big reveal for when he meets his bride for the first time.

All the same, this traditional accessory is a common part of Filipino weddings. But that doesn’t mean we can’t shake things up with an extra dose of style. Ladies, let’s take back the veil!

Birdcage Veil : This short and sweet veil, often with net-like mesh, makes the rounds at vintage-themed weddings. There’s something so charming about this conservative yet quirky piece that can double as a fascinator.

The Mantilla : With our deep-rooted Spanish influence, the prominent lace detail of the mantilla brings to mind Maria Clara and her dalagang Filipina values. It adds a solemn but unabashedly romantic touch to the bridal ensemble. Think singer and actress Karylle’s veil when she married fellow singer Yael Yuzon.

Satin-Trimmed Veil : A clean-looking classic, the satin-trimmed veil spells glamour that wouldn’t be amiss on Hollywood’s stars from the ‘50s. Just imagine the chicness factor of Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor.


Petal Veil : The petal veil was made for the girly-girl who wants flowers everywhere, and the veil is no exception. Aside from adding texture to the overall ensemble, the petals look completely ethereal when floating in the wind for the formal photo ops.

Fingertip Veil : No fuss, but beautiful just the same, the fingertip veil is the mid-length solution that doesn’t run the risk of being stepped on. The name is such because it ends at the bride’s fingertips. It’s also recommended for petite brides.

Horsehair Edge Veil : The addition of a horsehair trim to the edges of the veil lends a modern yet uncomplicated aesthetic. The firmness of the horsehair trim emphasizes the veil’s natural curves and pleats.

Scalloped Veil : Dainty scalloped edges are a little bit old-school, a little bit sweet, and a whole lot of pretty. The curvy edges don’t scream for attention, the embodiment of quiet confidence. Coleen Garcia and Maxene Magalona’s veils for their respective beach weddings carried this detail.


Siglot Ti Layad