Inspirations for Weddings & Debuts Magazine / Member Videos / June 24, 2020

VIDEO: A Socially Distanced Tagaytay Wedding

If you've been following the guidelines for mass gatherings in preparation for your wedding, then you must already know by now the "50% or less than maximum capacity" rule. That means for a wedding venue that seats 100 comfortably, 50 or less total number of people are allowed. But experts are saying that once you add social distancing to this guideline, it will automatically be less than half--and in the case of our example, less than 50 people at one time.

All these percentages and numbers got you confused? The Glens Tagaytay recently released a video to help soon to wed couples imagine what your wedding might look like--social distancing, face masks and shields, PPEs, sanitation included but all merely sprinkled on top of a heartfelt, beautiful wedding. Watch the video above to see what a Tagaytay wedding in the time of coronavirus might could look like. As the Tagaytay Tourism Council says, "We are ready for you soon."

Photo courtesy of Themes & Motifs