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Why Ocular is crucial before doing Virtual Events?

This generation, many of suppliers when it comes to Lights and Sound System are capable for providing the requirements for their clients, but some are only accepting for the on-the-day setup especially for those areas that are way too far at their home or office address.  Way back then when pandemic wasn't around the corner, we value our cients' trust not as a chosen service provider for their event, but also for maintaining our commitment to give an exceptional quality supported by high-end equipment of I-Tech Digital Productions.

Ocular is a technique to observe the ambience of event, space measurement, inspection of audio cabling placement, studying the corners of the location (indoor or outdoor), connecting the wires of LED Wall to Breaker (optional), lights balancing, required voltage capacity, internet connection speedtest, checking the cellular signal (whether dead spot or consistent). optional backup generator and many more. In our company, we don't just only strive on how can we put an end with a good note on their event, but also for keeping our standards professionally.

That's why whenever we're having a closed deals with our clients, IF they cannot make it to the venue to understand the measures and the sumtotal setup upon deployment, then I-Tech assures everything for a cause. So if I were you, why don't you book our company as your ONE-STOP PRODUCTION COMPANY because we can cater almost everything what you need in Virtual Events kaya tawag na at magpa-book!

Equal Front and Back Audio Volume is what matters in audience and even in Virtual

The work with love for Wedding Industry is indeed a dedication


Well-studied setup plus performance result an awesome outcome

Making our clients virtually satisfied like they are present at in-person Wedding